$2 Chocolate covered Pretzel Twists (30 count)
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$2 Chocolate Covered Pretzel Twists Fundraiser (50% Profit)


Product Description

Easily Earn 50% Profit for Your Group | Fast Free Shipping
Our $2 Pretzel Twists offer the highest profit percentage of all our candy products and are incredibly easy to sell!
Each carrier contains 30 chocolate covered pretzel twists including:
-8 chocolate chunk
-7 crunchy toffee
-8 peanut butter crunch
-7 rainbow sprinkles
Earn $30 per carrier sold!
Our extremely high-profit percentage (50%), plus our free shipping, makes this an unbeatable deal for your sports team, school or club fundraiser!
Delivery in 2 to 5 days based on location! (Shipping in temperatures in excess of 75 degrees may cause a delay or incur chilled service fees). Contact us at 800-221-8889 for details.
Payment Terms
Easily order by credit card online.
21-day credit available for approved groups by calling 800-221-8889.
If you are using a public school purchase order, call 800-221-8889 for arrangements.
Minimum Order = 4 carriers
PRICE: $30 each (50% Profit – $30 profit per carrier sold)


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