Full-Service Brochure Fundraisers

Choose from over a dozen proven fundraising brochures for your school, church or youth group’s next fundraiser. With no up-front cost to your group, brochure fundraisers are low-risk and easy to implement. They also continually produce the highest profits for the groups we work with.
Our fundraising professionals, with over 18 years of experience, will help you choose the right brochure fundraiser for your group and provide you with personalized service each step of the way. From kickoff assemblies to get your group excited to expert tips for sale success, working with our team will help maximize your profits.

Brochure Fundraising Services at a Glance

– Assistance Selecting the Perfect Fundraising Brochure
– High-Quality, Name Brand Products
– Exciting Prize Programs
– Local Kickoff Assemblies
– Custom Parent Letters
– Online Ordering Option for Increased Sales
– Order Tallying & Packaging Per Student
– Promotion & Timing Assistance
– Computerized Sales Reports
With hands-on assistance from our fundraising team, we’ve helped groups raise well over $10,000.00 in profits on a single fundraiserContact us today to learn how we can help your group. Brochure fundraisers are perfect for schools, sports leagues, daycare centers, dance and gymnastic groups, scouting organizations, student associations and student trip groups.

The Best of the Best

Our top selling brochure is the “Best of the Best.” Featuring over 50 of our top fundraising products, Best of the Best continues to be our top money maker for groups. Brands include Zap-A-Snack, Otis Spunkmeyer, Quaker Steak & Lube, Cinnabon, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Oreo and many more!


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Best of the Best

Claudia Layne Fudge

Delicious Desserts

From Heartland to Home

SunRiver Beef Jerky

Otis Spunkmeyer & More

Simply Scrumptious

Pine Creek Wisconsin Classics

Custom Tumblers

Chocolate Obsession

Otis Spunkmeyer Fun-Raising

Sunset Creek Meats

Popped Gourmet Delights

Cookie Jar Favorites

Tumbler Madness

Holiday Delights

Sparkle & Shine

Tasty Favorites

Family Favorites

Sweet Illuminations Snacks

Welcome Spring

Comforts of Home

Diamond Vortex Tumblers